Curriculum Painting of NIOS in SS Coaching



Course Contents


1 – Theory



Module - I


Introduction of Indian Art


1.          History and Appreciation of Art (From 3000 BC to 600 AD)


2.          History and Appreciation of Art From 7th AD to 12th AD


3.          History and Appreciation of Art From 12th Century AD to 18th Century AD


4.          Folk Art of India


Module - II


Introduction of Western Art


5.          Renaissance


6.          Impressionism


7.          Cubism, Surrealism and Abstract Art


Module - III


Introduction of Contemporary Indian Art


8.          Pioneers of Contemporary Indian Art


9.          Contemporary Indian Art



2 – Practical



10.      Object study


11.      Nature study


12.      Human and Animal figure


13.      Composition



Practical Guidelines



1.           Tools and Material


2.           Object study


3.           Nature study


4.           Human Figure


5.           Study of Animals and Birds


6.           Composition


Success of a 12th Failed Boy who passed 12th in 3 months from NIOS Board - Stream 2 in the same year
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Success Story of a 11th Failed Girl who got admission directly in 12th in the same year from Stream 1 of NIOS Board
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Success of a 12th failed IITian who passed 12th within 45 days through NIOS Stream 4
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