Indian student commits suicide after failing in CBSE Class 12 exams

student of indian origin commit suicide

One of the remedy to lower the rate of suicides of teenagers due to studies can be achieved by making more and more students aware of the concept of NIOS (national Institute Of Open Schooling. There is absolutely no need for the students to panic and feel depressed as you have a chance by taking admission in NIOS by contacting SSCoaching on 9935035316. NIOS has the most updated syllabus as compared to any other board in India. In this board the students can study from home when ever the students has leisure time as well as reduce the pressure of school from the students .The student can even save his year by appearing in the board exam from NIOS the very same year so his time is saved and he does not lag behind from his friends and classmates .such students need not worry because NIOS is the best option for such students which saves the student year form getting wasted, as you can fill the from same year and also get certified instantly through this board. It is known as the National Institute of Open Schooling board.


The National Institute of Open Schooling (N.I.O.S) (formerly National Open School (NOS) is an autonomous organization set up by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, in 1989 as per the Resolution issued vide No. f6-2/89-Sch. III dated 21.11.1989 to provide education up to pre-degree level to those who for one or the other reason could not make use of the formal education system.


These days the suicidal tendencies among teenagers is increasing a lot due to constant pressure to perform in their academics .The children are told that if they will not perform up to the mark they will lag behind and will be losers in life. When this pressure from school and college cross the tolerance level or due to a small failure in a session or class, the students decide to take the extreme step of committing  suicide.



In yet another sad incident a 18-year-old Indian boy committed suicide after failing in his class 12 exams held by India's Central Board of Secondary Education CBSE , described as an intelligent student, just could not come to terms with the fact that he failed in mathematics and took his own life in the city of Lucknow in India’s North Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. 


This is the same case with so many students who fail each year it their board exams and do not even know about how vast the opportunities are there in ones life ahead. Students think that failing in exams is the biggest thing or loss that has come upto them but there are boards like NIOS which prove to be a boon for students who have failed and what to get back on career track as before. So please be aware that even if a student does not do well in Board Exams, NIOS as an open schooling gives them a chance to clear 10th or 12th exams and get certified the same year. Nios which is an open schooling system gives much needed respite and hope to all students who have messed up in education in some form or the other. There is a big percentage of aspirants who fail to clear CBSE 12th and take extreme step to end their life without even knowing that there are so many options still available to then to excel in life. One just needs to be calm and speak with parents about the future course of actions in order to cope up with the disturbing result one has obtained.


The cause of death was not given but the report said police were investigating the circumstances leading to the teenager killing himself. Boys body has been kept in Dammam Central Hospital. The incident has sent shock waves across the expatriate Indian community in the Eastern Province as boy had scored well in all other subjects, including 73 out of 100 in English. "He just couldn't come to terms with the fact that he could only score 17 out of 100 in mathematics," an Indian community leader was quoted as saying. 


"Our prayers are with the family in these difficult hours." Boy’s parents, who hail from Hyderabad in India, are distraught. Shocked teachers there have called for counseling sessions for exam-stressed students.


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