Syllabus English Senior Secondary NIOS

English (302)


Course Structure of English


The total marks for English is 100. There will be one paper of 3 hrs. duration. The allocation of marks is a follows:



Prescribed texts

20 marks


Functional Grammar

15 marks


Functional writing skills

25 marks


Comprehension (unfamiliar passages)

20 marks


Optional module

20 marks


100 marks



Syllabus-English Medium


1.                My First Steps  

2.                Leisure  

3.                Reading With Understanding  

4.                Father Dear Father  

5.                Fuel of the Future  

6.                My Grandmothers House  

7.                Reading With Understanding  

8.                A Case of Suspicion  

9.                My Son will not a Beggar be  

10.             Where the Mind is Without Fear  

11.             Reading With Understanding  

12.             If I Were You  

13.             The Tiger in the Tunnel  

14.             The Road not Taken  

15.             Reading With Understanding  

16.             I Must Know the Truth  

17.             India-Her Past and Future  

18.             Night of the Scorpion  

19.             Reading With Understanding  

20.             Reading With Understanding  

21.             Reading With Understanding  

22.             Reading With Understanding  

23.             Reading With Understanding  

24.             Reading With Understanding  

25.             Bholi  


ESP Receptionist


1.                The Reception Desk and You  

2.                Managing The Telephone  

3.                Analysing Turns in Telephoning  

4.                Controlling Strategies and Out-Going Calls 

5.                Aids for a Receptionist  


ESP Office Use


1.                Face to face Communication in Business  

2.                Writing Memos and Letters  

3.                Writing e-mails  

4.                Writing Reports  

5.                Writing Job Applications  

6.                Appearing for an Interview




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